Thursday, October 8, 2009


Howdy Y'all

This cane to mind this morning" Drama" its all around us. Not like in the movies or anything like that. I am talking about drama in our lives. This "Drama is also known as "Gossip" or"Hear Say". The funny thing is, it's very rarely right. No matter what you say its gonna get turned around and blown way out of proportion, before it gets back to you. we all know about this and it has happened to all of us.

You know when you tell someone that you are going to do something. They tell someone, then that person tells someone, they tell someone else and so on it goes. then finally when it gets back to you its no where near what you said in the first place.

Drama in the most cases can be someones actions not wanting to give a little bit for the best of a situation. That can create drama in it. A lot of people see things a certain way, never sway from what they see, no matter if they are wrong or right. In their own little minds its "my way or the high way" and that causes so much drama in life. Not everyone sees things the same way. We all have different opinions and see things differently. Everyone does things different, but if it gets done, then who are we to say its not right. As long as in the end we have the same result.

I know quite a few people that will not "let a sleeping dog lie". What I mean by this is no matter what the situation is they keep bring it up just to bother someone. If you keep picking a scab it will will never heal and over time it gets sore and can get infected and be worse than when it happened. That's the way rumors and gossip starts and gets going and at the end they are worse then they were when they got started. Drama is like an open wound it keeps flowing and flowing until it gets so bad that feelings get hurt and no there is no way to heal the problem. In the end it is a hell of a lot worse than when it started. It may be 3 hours old or many many years ago but if it keeps being brought up the wound is still fresh in your mind and the person that you keep bringing it up too. So drop it and get along with your own life and let the sleepy dog go to sleep and lay there. But if you are that petty that you have to make other peoples lives miserable then go and see a psychiatrist and get checked into a hospital somewhere and get some help.

These people keep bring up and creating "Drama" in their lives and it spreads to everyone around them and it become a disaster for everyone involved.
Something comes up just now...... If you cant say anything nice then don't say anything at all.... That means if you want to say something that's not nice then shut up and keep your opinions to your self , because you are not helping the problem all you are doing is making it worse. Get the picture......Shut up......
Now we all know people like this and they never help the problem because they are the problem. They cant see they are the problem because in their mind they are always right or they are trying to make everyone think they are right.
Has every one heard of the "golden rule"........ Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you....... well these type of people the " golden rule is .......Do unto others BEFORE they do unto you.....

A lot of times people create drama in someone else's life to try to make them second guess the choices that they have made . They also do it to make the person feel bad about them selves , when this happens the person that is causing the drama feels jealous and wants the other person to feel as bad as they do. Another way they can cause drama is always criticizing someone and making them feel like they have no control over their own life and trying to make them feel like they can not make it with out them.

It could be something minor or something major, but most of the time it gets blown up so big that it is ridiculous. and by the time it gets back to the person who said or did it, it is no where near the same thing that it was in the beginning. These type of people are jealous and selfish that someone has or is doing something that they want to do that they are going to try to make that person not want to do it. They only see the negative side of everything and can not be happy that someone is doing good for them selves. these people can be anyone we know ..... they could be a family member, a friend, or someone you work with.

Just be careful of what you say or do around these people. Do not let them influence you in any way because they will try. Be careful of the Drama kings and Drama queens in your life and don't tell them every detail of your life. Just keep them on a short leash and dont let them run to far with anything that you let them know about.........

Just remember what you say or do could end up on You Tube lol

Have a wonderful day
... And The Cowboy Rides Off Int The Sunset...