Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Bent "Z" back in action

Howdy Y’all

On July 14, 2009 the “Bent Z” ranch rodeo team was back in action, at the Greene County Fair. In front of 300 to 400 spectators.

Ranch rodeo is a type of rodeo that spot lights actual ranch work in a competition style format. The Bent Z is a group of actual rodeo cowboys and a former semi pro football player. The six member team competed with 5 other teams. They competed in several different events like team penning, stray gathering, team branding, wild cow milking, and team trailer loading. The team didn’t score any points in team penning or team branding. They started out scoring points in the stray gathering where they ended up getting 3rd in that event. The next event they won, it was the wild cow milking, and they milked their cow in 42 seconds. WOW that is fast. Now last but not least they placed 2nd in the team trailer loading. It was on their rerun that they did that because the flag man dropped the flag too quick so they had to rerun, and do it all again. For all their effort and try the team ended up getting 4th place over all.

I think they did great for their second rodeo.

I am very proud of how this team works together as a unit.
Stay tuned to the blog for more updates and locations to where they will be competing.
Till next time c-yall later

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