Wednesday, July 1, 2009

finishing work

Howdy Y’all!!!
I am back in the saddle again!!!

What do you do when you know someone (lets call him Steve) (not his real name) that’s owns a business and they have work given to them and they don’t bother to do it. I get asked all the time if this person does not need the work or are they just too busy to do the work. Most of the time he just not return their phone calls. I then run into these people on the street and they are asking me if I am interested in doing the work. At this point I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I would love the work, and then again these people are previous customers of this other gentleman. The problem is I get a lot of work from him.

I am working on a job right now that Steve was supposed to look at over a month ago and never even called the customer back about it. The customer called me a week ago and asked if it was possible that I could do the work for him.
I agreed and what would have been a couple hundred dollar job has now grown into a lot more money than it was in the beginning.

Then last Monday I was getting material from a supply house and ran into another customer of his and asked me if I was available to finish a job that Steve and his company started. This gentleman told me that he has tried for 2 almost 3 weeks to get a hold of Steve to finish the work. Steve has never returned his call. He asked me if I was interested in doing the work for him. After some discussion with my fiancé and a lot of thought I am going to do that job too.

I hear this all the time people asking me if Steve and his company is too big to do these little jobs. People also ask me why he never returns their calls when the job is ready for him to finish. All I can say is I don’t know. At first I felt bad about taking work from him, but now I don’t because he has made his own bed. I feel sorry for the people that he did work for and was hung out to dry with no body to finish the work that he started. I never wanted to take customers from him but if he doesn’t want to help them then I will take every last one of them that he has screwed over. If this is bad business I don’t care because customer was someone else’s customer before him and is someone else’s after him so on and so forth.

Maybe I should feel bad But I don't I see him screw customers too much and I am tired of seeing it and I feel if i can help these people then I am going to and i dont care how he feels about it .

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