Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life is not always lemons

We all have heard the saying" when life gives you lemons add water and sugar lets make lemonade. So what if life gives you limes. " When life gives you limes add salt and tequila and have a party". Now what I am saying is life is a party , if you let things get you down then life can not be enjoyed. No matter how bad it gets in your mind you have to look to the sky and look at the silver lining in the clouds even if its in a storm. I have been down in my life and did not know what to do or what to think. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I believe that to the fullest. and if you never learn from your mistakes you can never be happy. I have lost every thing in my life at least 2 times and i keep going. I start over and start rebuilding my life and make my life stronger. I am never down too long because I tell my self to get up and stop watching the world go by. Just grab a hold of it and hang on, it can be a little rough at times. but it only for a little while. In my life I have had several broken bones and several reconstructive surgeries missed a lot of work,been down on my luck, and thought there is no way out of this. For some reason I have always looked on the bright side of the situation. I figured out over my 38 plus yrs that if you let life beat you down and you stay down or give up then you can never be on top of your life. when you are on top life seems so much easier and it is. when you are in a rut and don't think it can get any better that is the time to take a long look in the mirror and say is where I want to be in my life, and if it is then you are on top of your life. But if its not where you want to be in your life then look in the mirror and say" I am not happy" its time for me to start rebuilding my life. I wont stay down long,and life wont count me out. every breath I breathe I get better and life is getting better.

Now right now I could be down in the dumps and hating life. I found out about a week ago my ex-wife put her house up for sale and moving my boys almost 2 hrs away. I know some of you think that's not too bad but you have to think those boys are my heart and soul. I am a football and wrestling coach for my oldest son and I go to my youngest sons karate classes and tournaments, and all school programs and most of the activities. I am a big part of there lives and they are the biggest part of mine. I never wanted to be a part time dad, but life goes that way,you cant grin and bare it,but you can live with it. 4 yrs ago i watched my life take a dramatic turn from a full time dad and a husband to a part time dad and an ex-husband. It was hard to live with I felt like a looser and I felt like my boys were taken away from me. It hit me very hard, i crawled into a bottle and started looking at life through the bottom of it. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and not living up to my potential. I was not running with the top of the class so to speak. then 1 day I stopped by and seen an old friend and he looked at me and said where are you. I looked at him kind of puzzled and said I am right here. He looked at me and told me that the guy in front of him was not me. He didn't know who I was but that wasn't me .

When I left him I drove around for about 4 hrs just thinking I went back to where I was staying and jumped on a buddies crotch rocket and took off. I hit the highway and wound it out in every gear going faster and faster. The faster I got the more the tears fell down my face. All of a sudden it hit me about 165mph and i started slowing down. I was not me any more and I did not like the man I had become. I turned that bike around and headed back . When I got back it was about it was about 3am as I walked in the door there was stuff going on that I did not want to be around. So I threw the keys on the table and grabbed my stuff and walked out the door and climbed in my truck and drove away. I never looked back. Shortly after that I climbed out of the bottle and straightened my life up.

So this past week it felt the same as it did 4 yrs ago but this time I voiced my opinion and felt better about what was happening I am not happy about the move but I took a stand. I know that my voice was heard and had some bearing on it. They are still moving but am on my feet and have the support of family and friends to help me. Most of all I have a wonderful woman that is by my side for me to talk to and work through with.

We can not let life bring us down
Just look in the mirror and say life may have me down right now but I am not out and I am getting back to my feet and gonna hit it head on and beat this time

See Y'all next time

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