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This morning I was sitting on the couch before I went to work. A music video came on GAC, it was Hank Jr's red white and blue pink slip. I got to thinking that this song hits a lot of people and its very true. Times like this and songs like that, tell the story about how the politicians, banks, and the car makers have screwed the people of this country. John Rich has a song called "Shutting Detroit Down" its about how the car makers are in trouble with bad financial decisions that they are in trouble and that they have sent most of the jobs to other countries. They did this to save money and I don't know if they realized that it would affect the countries economy. It did when you have workers that have been on the job for 20, 30, and 40 years ready to retire for theirs service to them and have no retirement, because the company they busted their asses for squandered the money that they had made for all those years. Plus they are sending these important jobs to other countries. That is wrong in every possible way.

Back in the 1990's the government passed NAFTA ( North American Free Trade Agreement) that opened up the borders for our manufactures to move to Mexico and open up business. They did that and took most of our good jobs and sent them there. When they did that they started this snowball effect here in the USA, they didn't realize the downward spiral that they sent into motion. The downward spiral that sent most of the manufacturing jobs elsewhere. The small town that I live in. I have seen it first hand when the biggest employer in this town shut down and moved out or the country to save a few dollars. The companies move to Mexico, take our jobs, build that country's economy, then sell their products back to us here in the USA. The funny thing is that the prices are higher now after they moved, higher than they were when they were here, and that is because they spent millions of dollars to build the factory there, when they had a factory here that fit their needs. So they abandoned the people that made that company strong, abandoned a building or several buildings that housed their company. And in this process took the all American dollar and flushed its value down the toilet.So as these money grubbing CEO's are taking these good jobs to a country that they can use cheap labor ( almost slave labor ) to make their product to sell back to there own country for bigger profit. That will put more money in their own pockets and put everyone else that relies on those jobs in financial hardship. To where these hard working Americans have no jobs, have no money, putting them into foreclosure, and making life harder on the people that made this country strong.

Now lets move on to the banks that do everything they can to help all of us....... ya right the only people they are out to help is themselves. Our whole economy depends on what the banks say and do and right now the banks are doing nothing but blowing our money that we invest into them. they don't really understand that the money that they are using is the money of the people that they are supposed to take care of. the banks got themselves in the position that they are in. how can we trust a company that every other week is getting sold , bought, or changing its name. The banks used to be called Bank and Trust, OK 1 question. Where did the trust go in banking there is none. and if we are supposed to trust them with our money then where is our money and who did you give it too. Did you give it to the auto makers to build factories in Mexico. Because before NAFTA the only things they exported here, was drugs, dry
waller's, and land scapers. To move the jobs down to a third world nation. Is that why the government had to come in and bail you out? Then after they bailed you out you take the 6 and 7 digit income people on a vacation and give them bonuses because you promised them a bonus or vacation. What about they man that has spent time on the assembly line building America strong, that promised his son or daughter a new bike. Now since his job took a vacation south of the border he cant buy a bike for them. Hell he cant hardly put food on the table.

Last but not least our wonderful government. That is giving money to starving countries that's great but what about this starving country. We have just as many starving people here on our soil. Then we go into a country and rebuild it with our own money so they can breed more terrorists to destroy the country that rebuilt them. We have given billions and billions of dollars to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, but in our own country we have devastating floods, hurricanes, earth quakes, and tornadoes and it takes years to get any help if we get any at all. A year ago here in Indiana we had monstrous floods that destroyed everything in its path. Not only here but Iowa, Kansas, and all the states down the Mississippi River and the Ohio River. I know that the government said that there was 20 million dollars damage in Indiana. Wow that's a lot of money, lol not if we just spent 600 million on a football stadium. OK now back to our money going out to help all these other countries that spit when they think of the USA, but if we are standing there with a billion dollar check they are our friend. Until we turn away then they are the first country to bad mouth us and Burn OLD GLORY in the streets. Our political figures will urn right back to them and say here is more money will you be our friend now. Oh yes we know that our unemployment rate is higher then it has ever been that's OK here you go, take the money and build you country back up. It was once said that if you have to pay some one to be your friend, then are they really your friend. Or is that extortion because they are not your friend when the money runs out. Quit buying friend and help the friends in you own country. The ones that were born here and live here and love this country. The ones who made this country strong and would never sell it out like all of you have.

In closing all I have to say is love this country or leave it and bring our jobs and bring the USA back to the glory it once was .

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