Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Surrender Your Heart

Howdy Y'all

When you meet someone.
You never know where it will lead.
You talk on the phone. You get to know her.

There is something about her.
You can’t stop thinking about the way she makes you feel.
When you sleep, she is there.
When you are a wake you see signs.
Signs that cause you to think about her.

Everywhere you look you see things that remind you.
A car, a song, a color and an advertisement your mind wonders back.

Then one day something happens that you feel that you have lost her.
You don’t know what or how to feel but it scares you and you don’t know why.
It hit you like a ton of bricks, that pain in your chest.
When you feel you let her slip through your fingers.
You wanted to tell her something, but you have no idea what it is.
Then all of a sudden it falls into place and the real you starts to shine.
A new light shines down on you, it gets her attention and this time she sees you.
She sees the real you, and you are what she has been looking for.

While you talk your heart opens.
You realize that the fallings you had where growing. And you can’t stop them, you want to stop them.
You are falling in love with her.
You are scared to death that feelings are only 1 sided.
So you suppress them bury them deep in your heart.
You know they won’t stay there for long, they surface soon and you can’t stop them.

Then one day you are together and it just comes out of your mouth and you are scared even more, but relieved that it’s out.
Your feelings that have been buried deep inside.
You know its love and you surrendered to your heart.
You surrendered to love.
You have no idea what she will say to that.
But you just surrendered to her and now it’s her turn.
To see if she feels the same way that you do.
Your mind tells you one thing and you heart tells you the truth.
Your head tells you to slow down.
Your heart tells you to take the leap.
The heart surrenders to true love.
So surrender your heart to the one you love.

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