Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thoughts Of You

Howdy Y"all

Just a lil poem I wrote I hope you enjoy it.

Thoughts Of You

As the clouds roll by on that beautiful blue canvas
I can feel your arms around me
These both are a beautiful thing

The clouds in the sky
Your arms around me
it puts my soul at ease

The clouds and their beautiful background
Pale to the beauty of your smile
And the feel of your touch

As I close my eyes
I see your smile
I feel you touch

This all takes my breath away
My thoughts run back to you
I can't explain the way you make me feel

As time goes by my feelings grow stronger
You are in my heart
You are in my soul

I will carry your love with me
From this day forth
Until the day we are together

Only time will tell
My love
Only time will tell

Thank You!!

... The Cowboy Rides Off Into The Sunset...

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