Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hind Sight

When time has passed, things in our lives become clearer. There are situations that arise that we have no control over. A quote comes to mind "hind sight is 20/20. That is very true. After you do something and you think its the right thing to do, and then it backfires and blows up in your face. Someone gets hurt, you loose something special, and then you wallow in your self pity. But its not always something that goes wrong, sometimes its a good decision. Then later down the road you look back and say "wow I made a great choice, way back when". A quote I have been hearing and also using lately is "time will tell". Time will tell if you made a good choice or not. Then once in awhile a decision gets made that you can't keep from being made. when that happens you will have You may not like the decision that was made , but you will have to see how it plays out in the end. Alot of times the decision the choice that was made hurts and is hard to deal with. But time will tell if it was good or a bad choice.

As you look back on these choices and decisions (hind sight) that were made. You can say "OMG" or Oh My God that was the wrong thing to do.
I have done both in my life good and bad choices. I have said "I am glad I did that" and I have said" boy you are a dumb A** Why did I do that. We all have done that and don't say you haven't. Trust me, we all do it. From the ice cream cone we didn't really want to the car we bought and maybe a person we dated.

The choices we make, we have to live with because it's what we wanted at that time and place. Another quote comes to mind now, my ex-wife told me. A 90 year old lady told her one day while at work in the nursing home. "Don't ever regret your choices, live your life with no regret because you made your choice".
I try to live my life that way. When I make a decision I try to think about how I will feel about it down the road. sometimes it works out good. Then sometimes it's not so good. "Ok" it gets really bad. I do regret that choice that I made, but that is human . No one is perfect, no matter how hard we try. There is no perfect car, no perfect food, and no perfect person. Just think how boring that would be if everything was perfect. There would be no reason to improve on anything. No doctors, no gossip( I have been in alot of gossip lately ),and there would be nothing new. Everything is perfect.

When we look back we will say sometimes. If I had that to do again I would do this different. That's good to say, but we can't change the past. If we could change what we did back then. Then everything you know in the present we know would be different. Everything happens for a reason. I would change things in my past, but then I might not be as fortunate as I am now. I may not have the experiences I have had in my life. The people I know and love, I may have never met them. We may have people in our lives that had a negative influence on us, could have helped us down the wrong path. For some reason or another we don't have that person in our lives anymore. That was a good choice,because where would we be now. If they were still in our lives. Prison, be on a street corner begging for change to get our next meal or next drink, or buried 6 feet under ground. That scares me too death to think about that. If we think back ,we all know people like that. On the other side of this if we changed the past. The person or experiences that we cherish the most, may never have never come into our lives. We may not have our jobs, our true friends, the person you fall in love with or Oh yes our children. "Yes " our kids lets not forget them. they drive us crazy, give us so much stress and worry, but we love them unconditionally. how would you feel if your children were never born. That is hard to think about. But it could be possible if you changed the past.

Hind sight will help us in the future to not to make the same bad choices.we have made in the past. The blind date from hell (she has a great personality), the deal we thought we were getting , that took away our life savings, or that person we met in the bar on the business trip, with out our spouse (not everyone does or have done that). It can also help us make good choices too. Like finding help for an addiction, the day you met the love of your life, the day you won the lottery (yee haw dang not this week).

Hind sight can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. No matter which one it helps you with your choices you have you have not yet made. So in the future and you are looking back at this blog. I hope it had a positive influence on you and you don,t look back and think that was a waste of your time.

So in closing, Thank you for your time
and have a good day.

The cowboy rides off in to the sunset....

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