Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Letting Go"

Howdy Y’all
I am back with another thought in my mind. This is something that came to me earlier today, I thought I would write it out to see where it leads.
We all have heard or used the term “letting go”. There are a millions of meanings for this term. Some are hard to do, some are easy to do, and some are a good thing. Letting go is a very scary thing to do, for all of us. The scary part of that is not knowing what is going to happen, when you let go. When you are letting go you have a million things run through your mind.
Letting go can be hard, but we have to know what we are letting go of. What are we going to let go of, is it physically letting go of something, like are we hanging off the side of a cliff. If we let go we have no idea what is going to happen, will we live after the fall or will we perish in a cloud of dust. We don’t know and there is the fear of letting go and not knowing the out come.. It is the uncertainty of the whole thing. We can be a parent whose child is leaving for the first time and that scares us to death. We want the best for them and we want to help them in there lives, but they need to be on their own, to make their own choices. They will make mistakes, and learn from them. They will do great things and we will be proud of them. Just remember we have to let go of them and we can’t shelter them.
Right now I am letting go of something and I am so scared to let go. I don’t know where this will lead. When letting go of something that means the world to you, it hurts very very bad because we don’t want too. But if we don’t let them go, to spread their wings and fly. It can only be a bad thing down the road for all parties involved. People need their space to grow as a person. So they can grow in life. Our children need it to grow into the person God has planned for them to be. I know how hard this is, trust me I know. When you let them go they will become stronger in life and they will find their own direction and path way through life to get to the place God has for them.
We try and try to hold on to them as hard and as tight as we can, that might work for a short time, but in the long run they will grow to resent you. How would you feel if they resent you? ….. That is one scenario of what could happen. If that happens then, the thing you love the most is gone and you have lost them forever. Now can you live with that? I can’t. I would want them in my life because God has brought you together for one reason or another.
When you let them go they will know that you love them and you know they have to go. It is very hard because you never know if that person will make it on their own, and/ or if they will ever come back to you. That is just something that you have to do. Just be patient and pray for them, to be safe. Reassure them that you love them and respect their decision. And then let them go. But don’t be angry. Be there when and if they need you. Because we all need some support from friends and our family from time to time. No one is so independent that we can do everything on our own. If we could, we would all be just like Superman. We need to talk to someone when we cant figure out something on our own. It is ok to ask for help, and just let that person know that when ever they need help you will be there for them.
Letting go is hard on both parties. Just remember that the person you are letting go of is trying to find things out and growing as a person and that is a good thing. They are having the same feeling that you are. And they are scared of where it will lead them.
All we can do sit back and let them go and live their lives, and maybe someday you will be back together stronger than before. Maybe you wont be together but you have a friendship that will grow stronger than it ever was before. Because they know that you sacrificed for them to grow and that you respect their decision. That will mean more to them, than if you tried to stop them or stand in their way.
So have a great journey and I will see you on the path way of life.
Its not the destination you are heading for it’s the journey that you are taking.
So cherish the good times.
Have a good evening and thank you for reading.
……The cowboy rides off into the sunset ….

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