Saturday, August 22, 2009

Embrace changes

Howdy Y'all

I want to start by saying there are changes in life that we don't understand and some we do . Some changes we need and some we don't. Some changes are good for us and some are bad for us. We all have changes and we have to accept them no matter how hard it is on us. I have gone through alot of changes in my life, single, married, kids, divorced, and countless other ones. we may not want to accept them but we do. Changes in life happen everyday. when changes come we can embrace them or try to fight them tooth and nail, but they come anyway.

When changes come around and they are hard to accept the only thing we can do is pray to God for help to understand them. we can ask God for guidance to help us cope with them. I have done this alot in the last couple of days and it has really helped me. I asked him to help me deal with the pain that I am going through and it is helping. I prayed to him for guidance down the path I am on to shine a light on it, to help me find my way.

We can be patient and wait to see where these changes lead us , or we can rush them and make things worse in the end. I have learned this over my life to let things happen in there own time, and that is very very hard to do.I have been impatient and tried to rush things and then have them come apart right in front of my eyes.

God has a plan for each and every one of us . I heard this from a very special friend tell me, God brings people in our lives for a reason . We don't know what the reason is but we learn from them. they show us how to love , they show us how to live , they give us our children. Not only do people come into our lives for a reason but changes do too. Some changes are job related, some are relationships, some are anything that we are not even expected. When changes happen at first we may not understand them, or even know why it's happening but they happen without our consent. we don't have to agree with them and some we do agree with. We do have to deal with them and let them run there course, because in the end you will be a better person . you will be a better person because you wait to see where it led you. right now the changes I am going through are ones I have to wait and see where they lead me and I know that being patient will lead me to where I am supposed to be in life. Trust me it is hard very hard to do. It is also very painful , emotional pain( which is worse than physical pain). Emotional pain cripples you in a way that physical pain can't. It will cause you not to eat or eat too much, you can loose you will to do any thing that you know you need too. It can also cause you to think the worst in any situation. You have to fight through all that and realize the change is for the best for everyone and everything involved. That is why you must be patient, because if you push the issue you could loose what special thing you are hoping and praying for.

Thats when God comes in to help he loves us, he tests us, he helps us, and he gives us these changes to make us stronger as a person. God is our light in the dark, he shines the light for us too see. With out his light, his guidance, his hand. We are lost and can miss out on something or someone special. Because we push and we shoved to try for the change to happen in the time we wanted it to. We miss out on the treasure at the end of that change. We don't know what that is but we want it. It is Gods gift to us. for believing in him and trusting in him to help us and to guide us on this journey. Changes are not the end of something it is the beginning of the new chapter in your life. A bigger and a better chapter than the one you were just in. Just think of the last chapter you were in, the people you met, lives you touched, the lives you charged for ever. In that chapter you may have met someone that will be in your heart for as long as you live. you could have helped some one whose life would not be as good as it is now , and you helped that personin some way. If it was a smile, a dollar you gave the man on the corner looking for his next drink, that could have been the dollar that changed his life. That dollar could be all he needed to get back on his feet and stop being down there begging for help. That ther is a change in someones life did you expect it "NO" you didn't.

In closing just embrace changes. Embrace little set backs in you plans. Because Gods plans for you are bigger than you could ever imagine, and are better than yours. Just remember time has a of working things out, but it's not your time it's Gods time. set back be patient and whats meant to happen will happen but only in gods time.

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