Monday, May 4, 2009

From the outside looking in

When you start in a relationship with someone you get all kinds of advise from friends and family. Sometimes its good and sometimes it's not so good. Everybody thinks they know you better than yourself and they know you but you know your feelings better than anyone.

Your family and your friends tell you to slow down. Don't rush in, you are gonna get hurt. Sometimes we do rush into things. And sometimes we do get hurt. When we get hurt we feel devastated,but we bounce back and it makes us stronger in our next relationship.

All everyone else can see is what happen the last time and they cant see what is actually going on between the 2 of you. They don't see you 2 alone and the way you make each other smile.

My best friend lives in Oklahoma he has been there for me in my hard times. he helped me through my divorce and through when I had a girl friend that used me to get back with her ex-husband he knows me better than anybody. I know him the same way. When he got with his girlfriend I asked him a question that we ask each other every time we get in a relationship with someone: If all you know about her now is all you ever know about her is that enough for you to fall in love with her and spend the rest of your life with her, and marry her? If we hesitate with the answer then the other one asks are you sure she is what you want or are you settling? When I asked him that question 2 years ago when he was with a girl he has known since grade school. He went silent for just a second or 2 then he said he didn't know. Then a year ago I asked him again with the woman he is with now. He answered YES before I even finished the question.

He is in love with her I can tell when we talk on the phone when I ask about her. The tone in his voice changes. It makes me happy that he has found someone to make him so happy.

Back to the story.

When I got with my girlfriend I caught a lot of flack from my family about moving too fast. But they don't they don't see the way she makes me feel when we are together. I can tell she feels the same way when she sees me after a small time apart. She has a smile from ear to ear,just like I do. When we are together I can see 40 years in the future. What I mean by that is that lil old couple in the mall walking hand in hand, and him standing there in a store holding her purse while she tries on clothes. the look that he has in his eyes when she comes out of the dressing room. The look I am talking about is that he is so in love with her, more than when they were just married more than that morning. He falls more in love with her every minute of every day.

Just remember 1 thing the only person that knows your feelings, is you. Your friends and family are just trying to keep you from getting hurt, because they love and care about you. They don't want to see you hurt. Just be careful and know your own feelings. You and her are the only ones that know what you 2 want. The 2 of you are feeling the same way about this beautiful life you 2 are sharing with each other. Dont be afraid to share your feeling with the person you are with.

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