Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Light and True Love 2 Poems By Jay Martin

The Light:

As the days grow longer so does our love.
As the nights get hotter so does our love.
When we have hard times our love will shine through.
When we have good times our love shines brighter.

True Love:

Through the darkness of night our love shows the path.
Through the brightest of the day it shows bigger than the sun.
The path we walk down together is full of hope and desire.
The path we walk down alone is full anguish and despair.
With you by my side I can do anything.
When we are apart I feel alone in the world.
As we go down the path of life.
We will walk hand in hand together.
Side by side together we go.
We do not know where this path leads
With you there with me I have no care where it leads
This is the heart and soul of true Love.

Written by: Jay Martin 5/01/09 @ 1:45 am
Written with love for my love

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